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Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Chrimbo!

I know it is last year's pic but it is a goodun and I'm recycling!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lyric of the day

Distant cousins, there's a limited supply.
And we're down to the dozens, and this is why:
Big Eyed Beans from Venus! Oh my, oh my.

Boys and girls,
Earth people around the circle,
Mixtures of man alive.
Big eyed beans from Venus,
Don't let anything get in between us.

Beam in on me baby,
and we'll beam together
I know we always been together,
but there's more.

Mister Zoot Horn Rollo, hit that long lunar note,
and let it float.

Men let your wallets flop out,
and women open your purses,
Cause a man or a woman without a big eyed bean from Venus
Is suffering with the worstest of curses
Yeah, you're suffering, with the worstest of curses.

Put 'em out in the sun, and when the night come
You don't have to go out and get 'em
They'll glow with you
They'll go with you
They'll show with you
Ain't no losers
Cause they're on the right track
Cause they're on the right track
You can be on the right track, woman,
Of course, of course

Ain't no SNAFU, no fol-de-rol

Check these out, Big eyed beans from Venus
Oh, let a few out, let 'em pass in between us

Distant cousins, there's a limited supply.
And we're down to the dozens, and this is why...

Don't let anything get in between us!
Big eyed beans from Venus
Big eyed beans from Venus.

Captain Beefheart

I heard the sad news yesterday that Don Van Vliet had died from complications related to MS. With his Magic Band he had a totally unique style of blues-inspired, experimental rock & roll. Another legend gone leaving us at the mercy of the X Factor no-talents.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

I like a man who refuses to grow up!!

rockin good time had by all at the Rhythm Riot down at Camber.......is that Guy from GKM I see trying to get on?

Norbert's a full member

Get your kicks - pre 66!!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Dirty Mag issue 2!

Yep, we got out the second issue of the Dirty Mag! Amongst the glorious old shit in this issue is the Wall of Death, the Octa-J.A.P., the Land of Lost Content, pinup photographer Douglas Webb, and much loads more!

We would give away a free BSA spanner with every issue, ecept we only had one!

Click here to get yerself a copy: http//www.dirtybobbers.co.uk/subscribe.html

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Poem for the day!

Billy Childish...a bit of a hero to me cos I love his atitude towards Ameteurism!! As a value system, amateurism elevates things done with self-interest or for their own intrinsic value above those done for pay. Can be applied to music, bike building and art!
Childish is a confessional poet and has published over 40 collections of his work and favourite of his is the poem called The Bitter Cup...

and there’s no sea deeper than the piss of the bottle
and none speaks the truth like a drunk
whiskey runs through me like a sorrowful river
I’m down on my knees and I’m sunk

29 Hillclimber for sale!

1929 Indian 101 Scout Hill Climber, 45ci V-Twin. Original 1920's paint. Great runner, raced by the Woods Brothers out of Pennsylvania. Ricardo aluminum cylinder heads set up for alcohol. Now running on gas, but could be converted back to alcohol easily. Very rare original barn find! located in California £29,000...a snip!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Lyric for the day!

I got a letter this mornin, how do you reckon it read?
It said, "Hurry, hurry, yeah, your love is dead"
I got a letter this mornin, I say how do you reckon it read?
You know, it said, "Hurry, hurry, how come the gal you love is dead?"

So, I grabbed up my suitcase, and took off down the road
When I got there she was layin on a coolin' board
I grabbed up my suitcase, and I said and I took off down the road
I said, but when I got there she was already layin on a coolin' board

Well, I walked up right close, looked down in her face
Said, the good ol' gal got to lay here 'til the Judgment Day
I walked up right close, and I said I looked down in her face
I said the good ol' gal, she got to lay here 'til the Judgment Day

Death Letter - Sonhouse

During slavery drums were banned so the guitar was played with a percusive vibe. Sonhouse personifies this defiance. He was the Granpappy of the Blues.

"We were always singing in the fields. Not real singing, you know, just hollerin', but we made up our songs about things that was happening to us at the time, and I think that's where the Blues started."

cool little piece

Another tasty score...headstock badge for the Scout Benny is building for me!

Need a bike for them now!

Scored this Sport Scout racing tank and muddie the other day...just need a bike for them to go on now!!

Dirty Magazine

The Dirty Magazine will be dedicated to the love and appreciation of old shit, from slot machines, hot rods and caf├ęs to guitars, vintage fairgrounds, motorcycles, music and clothing – as well as people who have learnt and practice old skills in the modern world, for instance corsetry, blacksmithing, signwriting, maintaining old machinery etc...

The first issue is due out in July and (amongst regular features like album / book reviews, how-to's, how-nots etc) it will feature guitars made from tin, the art of corsetry, stock car racing in the 60s, Indianscot's 2 Face, the story of Chicken Snake and Jerry Teel, a handsome Model A, Gypsy Tours in the 1930s, and a bit of pinball wizardry thrown in for good measure.

The Dirty Mag will be quarterly and will be available through the DB shop.

We are putting it together now and the print slot is booked...no turning back now!

Linkert Attacks!

Wow, what a weekend, cool riding, great company and well organised event. The bikes there were incredible!

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Test Of Time

A couple of very cool lookin VLs!!

Lyric for the Day!

I got my mind set on you
I try to love ya but you're just not true
Sweet baby you're always on my mind
I try to love you said all the time

Only you
Woah oh
Can make me crazy like you do
Yeah ah you try to break my heart
Rather you just go out and wreck my car

Wreck My Car - Scott H Biram

Scott Biram is a jolly decent chap....loves his whiskey....we played a few shows with the wild Texan when he has been in the UK. Memorable one was down Hastings where the plastered Biram done an 'extended' performance to the disgust of the promoter. They evntually turned the power off and played music over the top of him. He threw a wobbler only to receive a punch from the bouncer....chaos ensued!! the night ended with the Black Diamond Heavies' keyboard player Reverent John Wesley Myers spending a night in the cells!!

Once quoted "A lot of people don’t know this, but the funny thing is that my middle name doesn’t even start with an H. It’s a joke. But with the H, I can tell people I’m Scott Hiram Biram—Hank Williams’s first name is Hiram. "

Cool Project - nice price!

nice little barn find 101 on US ebay at the moment...if I weren't knee deep in Scout quandries I'd snap it up being the mad fool I am!


Brooklands Museum

checked out the Museum at brooklands the other day....some very nice bikes and cars there. Had a great chat with a couple of old boy volunteers. cool little place...seeped in history. Seeing bikes and cars riding the banked track in the day must have been summat else!

Gonna do a Dirty Bobbers Gypsy Tour starting there in early Sept, running along the coast road and into the Scavengers CC meet at the Rose & Crown in Stelling Minnis....can't wait to get back there!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lyric for the Day!

Up above my head
(Up above my head)
I hear music in the air
(I hear music in the air)

And I really do believe
(Yeah) I really do believe
There's a Heaven somewhere
(There's a Heaven somewhere)

Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Up above My Head

Man the Sister could really play!

Coolest DicE Cover Ever?

My ol mucker Scarlett done what's got to be the coolest DicE cover in history!!

Proper Gander

At the same auction a couple of cool Pans are also up. Eye candy if ever I've seen! Not Loveless but Lovelots!

The real deal

The first year 1936 61ci EL Knuckle up for Auction in California in June. Gonna fetch a few bob!

Monday, 5 April 2010

Stolen BSA in Kent - HELP!

There are some shitty people in the world and one of em have have stolen Roo's beloved Beezer, it's been his daily transport for 20 years - please help us track this bike down and return it to its rightful owner! If you know of anything or find anything suspicious please comment here or email info@dirtybobbers.co.uk and we'll pass it on. Thanks -

"My BSA A7 was stolen last night/early morning. I live in Tonbridge, Kent. The bike details are Reg TSL 120, engine number CA7 4727, frame GA7 6363, colour green, tls front brake, alloy rims, alloy head. If you are offered this bike or suss bits of an A7 please hold them until I get there, feel free to make sure they can't run. Roo."

Monday, 15 March 2010

Uncle Frank's got the answers

scored this cool book off evil bay for 15 sheets the other day. Been outbid a few time in the past on copies. My dog-eared first edition (not the one shown) is a cool little font of knowledge on twenties and thirties american bikes (HD/Indian/Henderson). The questions on all lips answered in a no nonsense thirties style - love it. Grab a copy if you can!

Lyric for the day

always talk about the money
always talk about the honey, baby

what's your name, what's your name
take it down to the river

paint your soul
it's not my fault

devil take my soul if you want it
bring you back to me for just one more night
devil take my soul if you want it
bring you back to me for just one more night

Devil Take My Soul - Son Of Dave

Being also a son of a Dave I was intrigued by this guy (aka Benjamin Darvill). Bit of a dodgy past in Canadian band Crash Test Dummies but after settlin in London he found his art with the Harp and a Akai Headrush pedal, meant for guitar that you push one button to record and another to play it back. Little Walter sounding harp with hip hop style drums with his mouth. It's a wierd but working mix. check him out...

Friday, 12 March 2010

Lyric for the day

Well, I done got old
I caint do the thangs I used to do;
I'm a old man

Well, I done got old
I caint do the thangs I used to do;
I'm a old man

I don' look like I used
Can't walk like I used
Cain't love like I used
Now things have changed
And I done got old
I caint do the thangs I used to do;
I'm a old man

Junior Kimbrough - Done Got Old

Charlie Feathers called Kimbrough "the beginning and end of all music." Long time mate of RL Burnside also a Fat Possum label mate. He used to run a juke joint caled Junior's joint and when he died his sons continued until it burned to the ground in April 2000.
He was the real deal!

The Test Of Time

check this out...this picture sums it up for me...modified redskin in the thirties! love it

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Proper Gander

Check this nice K that I saw on the Den Of Sportsters blog. Hooligan bike!

Lyric for the day

Tell Automatic Slim , tell Razor Totin' Jim
Tell Butcher Knife Totin' Annie, tell Fast Talking Fanny
A we gonna pitch a ball, a down to that union hall
We gonna romp and tromp till midnight
We gonna fuss and fight till daylight
We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long
All night long
All night long
All night long

Howlin Wolf - Wang Dang Doodle
written by Willie Dixon

Chester Burnett aka Howlin Wolf was 6 feet, 6 inches and close to 300 pounds with a voice compared to "the sound of heavy machinery operating on a gravel road"

He would both take the house down and scare the punters half to death!

The Wolf avoided pitfalls of alcohol, gambling and women and unlike other blues artists was always financially successful.
He was quoted 'I don't play anything but the blues, but now I could never make no money on nothin' but the blues. That's why I wasn't interested in nothin' else.'

Eye Candy

Saw this Hammer Sycle build on the 13th Chopper Street blog! mmmmmm...nice!