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Saturday, 6 February 2010


The AMA announces an improtant change in American motorcycle sport. The birth of the bobber on the streets.

Article X. Section 4 as follows:
Class C Competition - This type of competition is conducted with the express purpose of providing the AVERAGE MOTORCYCLIST with a program of sports, in which he may compete with his REGULAR STANDARD MOTORCYCLE. Any machine entered in Class C competition MUST be the property of the entrant and MUST be duly registered to him.
Motorcycles used in Class C competition must be of catalogued design. They must be fitted with proper working gear box, clutch, brakes, rear mudguard and chain guard as catalogued. Lighting equipment, including accessories and front mudguard may be removed. Silencers may be removed providing such removal does not leave the exhaust pipes pointing down so as to stir up the dust.
No fuel other than gasoline, or not over 80 octaine rating is permitted in any Class C competition.

Reading a great book at the moment written by Butch Baer. It's a scrapbook of newspaper clips and photos of the day, following the exploits of Woodsie and Frenchy Castonguay. You even get a 25min DVD with some great early clips.

Bike porn!


  1. Simo, spill the beans mate, where can I get a copy?????

  2. Steve, check out www.acenturyofmotorcycling.com

  3. cheers mate, more reading matter in the post 8-)