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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lyric for the day

Good evening ladies and gentleman, it is an honor to be here tonight with you everybody. I wanna say hello and welcome to the party. We are Blues Explosion and wanna play some rock 'n' roll. Now ladies and gentleman this is not the devil's music but it feels like the devil’ time. We are not in the service of the devil but sometimes I feel his sick breath on my behind. Said I feel so bad sometimes. I wanna sing about it in my song, I want everybody, I said I want everybody…

I want someone to help me with these blues
I'm gonna hang up my rock 'n' roll shoes
Take one in the head and one off the wrist
Won't you help me, please help me Miss
Check it out now

Help These Blues - Jon Spencer & The Blues Explosion

The Blues Explosion were the first band I heard playing the Blues with their own tastes/ experiences as the driving force. They were not 'Pony Tail' blues, trying to mimick the Delta/Chicago sound and describing it as high art but playing the blues from what they knew - NY punk/trash. It worked. Just because your not from down south don't mean you do not have the right to play the blues - just play from your heart and experiences - simple!

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