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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Lyric for the day

I ain't gonna tell nobody, '34 have done for me
I ain't gonna tell nobody what, '34 have done for me
Took my roller1, I was broke as I could be

They run me from Will Dockery's, Willie Brown, I want your job
They run me from Will Dockery's, )Willie Brown, I want your job
Buddy, what's the matter?
I went out and told papa Charley, "I don't want you hangin' round on my job no more"

Charlie patton ' 34 Blues

Charlie was the "jack-of all-trades bluesman" who played deep blues, white hillbilly songs and nineteenth-century ballads. Played on Dockery's where others like Rober Johnson, Son House and Chester Burnett played. He was the Father of the Delta Blues. Only one photo of him existed and that is contested.

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