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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lyric for the day

Tell You a little story and it won't take long,
'Bout a lazy farmer who wouldn't hoe his corn.
The reason why I never could tell,
That young man was always well.

He planted his corn in the month of June.
By July it was up to his eyes.
Come September, came a big frost.
And all the young man's corn was lost.


He turned his back and walked away.
Sayin: "Little miss, you'll rue the day.
"You'll rue the day that you were born.
"For givin' me the devil 'cos I wouldn't hoe corn."

Alison Kraus & Union Station - The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn

Jerry Douglas plays a mean dobro on this track, unbelievable! Sung by Dan Tyminski of Soggy Bottom Boys fame. Bit partial to some Bluegrass and this track does it for me.
About a bloke who does it his way, even though it goes all wrong. Got admire him for trying but his sweetheart don't, she refuses to marry him.

1 comment:

  1. If she was really his true sweetheart she'd love him corn or no corn... Sounds to me like he's had a lucky escape!!