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Sunday, 17 January 2010


Sometime's you think buying an ol vehicle and doing it up can be a load of fun!! It is and it aint!! My GMC 1 Ton Panel (yep 1 ton big daddy-rare as rockin orse do dah) was a whole load of ups and downs!! Bought on ebay, plan was to service it, rattle can drive...ha ha
Every bit uncovered on the thing was shite, you need this you need that, blah blah blah.
In the end I went the full hog and restored it from ground up with the help of Roy and Simon from (not sure what they call themselves now!). Simon stepped in cos Roy's original partner done a runner and left everyone high and dry. He took £8,000 off me for parts for the truck. Never ordered nothing.....had to swallow that!! it was hard. There is always people in the world gonna rip you off but there are genuine people also...doing bikes over the last decade I have met some real gentlemen, honest geezers whose love of bikes comes before the cash they make. Hats off, hopefully you know who you are cos I still come back (time and time again!)
Anyway, when you toil to do up a vehicle it means more in the end...I would never part with Big D (unless and steel bodied chopped coupe...not really!)

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