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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Do you believe in fate?

I am a rational thinker..I believe in no religion but at the same time superstitious about everything.

This bike came about by a whole stream of coincidences. It's the bike that means the most to me and my favourite to ride.

The VL, 74 introduced in 1930 is in my opinion underated and berated and history shows it's place in history was overshadowed by the introduction of the first HD 61 OHV.

The Motor Co was blighted with original teething problems but even beyond that it didn't meet rider expectations. Prolonged running at high speed the demon of overheating would rear its ugly head. Piston construction was improved later which ensured the survival of the 45 but it was too late for the VL and the introduction of the 61 OHV sealed it's fate. When the AMA introduced Class C racing in 33 it allowed the working man to race. Their road bikes were taken to events and the headlights, front and hinged back mudguard removed - VL 74, DL 45 amongst the indians of the time were the first bobbers.

The bikes production numbers continued to drop because of the great depression and these bikes are as rare as hen's teeth.

A new twist to my story of fate has emerged and I am struggling to decide which way to go! No it's not for sale.


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  2. I'm a great believer in fate, it's always worked for me!! Twists of fate can deliver opportunities you would never have thought of, just at the moment you are wondering what to do next... just look around and see what comes, and enjoy the ride!