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Monday, 18 January 2010

Dirty Bobbers

Whatever you call a bobber if you are into old shit you've come to the right place!!

That was our motto (me and Scarlett) when we launched this forum just over a year ago.

Since then we have made and met some friends, had some fun, took the piss, admired talents, got sound advice and most of all found out that there are people all over into the same old shit as us...

We have 300 members, 12,500 posts in nearly 900 topics...here's to another good year!!


  1. Rockin right, it's my second home!

  2. I check in there before i check my own Blogg... Great 2nd Home

  3. I`ve never heard of this `Dirty Bobbers` , is it any good.?

  4. Love this place were all a bunch of great brothers with a bunch of knowledge...