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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Dirty Hoppers

Is it a bobber, a chopper or a hopper? Who cares! This nippy little fkr brings a grin. Another bought unseen off evil bay!! Wanted a pre-unit but didn't know it was gonna have an alternator crank and a mag casing!! solution - total loss on the battery, good enough for MOT. 1952 rigid frame, 1957 engine with high lift cams, finned rocker valve covers, open clutch primary and amal monobloc carb with finned float chamber. Paint by Old School Customs. Borani 16" back wheel; Suzuki 21" front. Original 60s 7/8" Z bars from Disaster Dave (before dirty bobbers did em). White rubbers from Baron Speed Shop, shift knob from an a cupboard in Virginia, and original Baker car rear light. Metalflake seat from Justified Defiance. Me an me ol man had loads of fun doing this one. We called it the Mongrel.
Might change our URL to dirty hoppers!!

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