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Sunday, 17 January 2010


it's a great feelin blowing the harp

Jooks of Kent spawned in 04. A gutbucket punk assed blues / rawk n roll trio, with guitar, harp n drum set. Old time spirit, sometimes new strings! From filth-drenched electricity-powered amplified guitar hoedowns, wit plenty o'spit in the old mouth harmonica, to unplugged accoustic sick slide and washboard, with real bathtub reverb. If it's guitar driven, harmonica drenched, foot-stompin punk trash blues rock n roll you're after, than this is it!!

Stompin' live shows, The Jooks of Kent have played with such genius as Gin Palace, Vince Ray, Kris Dollimore, the Urban Voodoo Machine, The Jim Jones Revue, Scott H Biram, Mudlow, The Black Diamond Heavies, Rob K & Uncle Butcher, Bob Log III, Honkeyfinger and D-66, plus the final NTSOBC Spitz Festival of Blues supporting Seasick Steve.

Up coming live shows include 13th Feb at the Stay Sick Clun at Nicoles, Birmingham and 6th Mar at the Gypsy Hotel at the Bardens Boudoir, London

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