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Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Wall Of Death

My first real bike experience that inspired me was seeing the Wall Of Death at Dreamland in margate when I was kid. The noise, the smell, the moving platform, The Danger! I loved it. From then on the Indian motorcycle was the stuff of dreams.
Years later I saw the Wall again at the Kent Custom - again..Indians!! wow
As I got into the whole, 'don't buy a maintenance free, reliable two wheeler - build one with your dad from a box of bits' part of my life although Triumphs were my thing I still hankered for an Indian. I did get one, a bobber 741. I love it but the skelatal Scout was still the stuff of dreams. After telling a mate of this he said he knew of someone who maybe selling two Scout projects, one of them was a Wall bike. Man I badgered him continuously til he finally done the deal for.
I had them. Two Scouts, 1926 and 1925. Both needed complete re-builds and loads of bits replaced or found.
Anyway the road is half travelled..I bought them, catalogued the parts, read as much as I could on the model, decided the engine stuff was for experts. One day I will get the confidence to have a go myself but for these it had to be farmed out. Also I had been admiring Benny from Boneshaker's work and thought..."wouldn't it be ace to have a custom 'cutdown' Scout?" Benny was mad enough to agree to it and has probably regretted it ever since! As I always say - good things come to those who wait and this 'cutdown' is certainly gonna be worth waiting for!
As far as the Wall bike goes, it is stripped, tank and frame are off for blasting and repair. Front wheel built, rear having repairs on the hub. Engine parts sourced and all bits packed off to Steve at Roadstar who is gonna put this engine together. Me and the old man are gonna build this one.
These two Scouts are gonna be stuff of legend!!

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