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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bonneville Thoughts?

Thinking about tearing down my Bonnie. It is a 1978 T140 and had the engine re-built by John and Steve at Roadstar Cycles. She is a sweet little runner and can keep up with the pack. With her being OIF it gives some concerns about styling. Rob on Flywheel posted some pics of his T120 OIF and I think he has done a sound job with the lines. The sort of look I am thinking of is along the lines of a Trump pulled from Born Loser MC blog which used to be owned by Mike. First pics as she is, second of Robs T120 and third Born Loser inspiration pics.


  1. 3rd is bloody lovely mate.... seriously nice

  2. Springers would def look cool, also maybe lower, wider bars... chuck off the excess, maybe bob the rear guard a touch more and lower the seat a fraction too? Don't reckon OIF will be too much of a prob, will still make a great lookin Bonnie!!

  3. Mike D got it right first time and continues to get it right.

    Stock tanks hardly EVER look good on Triumph customs. Sorry. There, I said it.

  4. I know what you mean Guy. I am gonna change it in round 2..