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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Proper Gander

The Salt Ghost.
Dirty Bobberers have been raving about this bike recently and justifiably so. It is a proper piece of racing history and although the styling was in the main for racing purposes it ooozes cool.
It came out of hiding in 2005 where an old boy brought it in a trailer to the Bub Speed trials. It was first bought by Keith Martin of Big D and then Wes from Four Aces got his brit grubby hands on it along with Tyler from Lowbrow.
A classic piece of race hstory with docs and trophies to prove it. 61 Bonnie, 48 rigid frame and like my Mongrel 5T has a swingarm pre unit geaxbox fitted. The cams have some serious 'HIGH' lift man! 2 Amal GP carbs with 2 matchbox floats meaning the engine has to be continuously revved to keep it alive due to no idle.
Everything on this bike is wallowing in cool from the seat, tank, pegs, open primary and clips ons.
Have a proper gander at the pics thanks to ChopCult!

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