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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Indian Bobber

Some things in life you just can't get enough of and my Indian is one of em. Built by Calvin at Phoenix. A homage to the late 40's/50's bobbers.
Engine re-build by Neil Grieve, former Motolux mechanic. Mikuni carb conversion. Rear subframe triangle lengthened and lowered and sport scout style frame brace added. 16" rear, 18" front. Original Motolamp headlight with 65year old US lense. Original 'Stewart' Chicago speedo. Original bakelite steering damper. Sport Scout footboards, one off sport scout sectioned rear fender, sparto rear light, Sport Scout jiffy stand, racer style rear brake pedal, jennings one armed bandit Indian head shift knob, 1940 Indian teardrop tank badges, Replica Indian Big Base Scout straight through racing pipes, Indian 101 tool box and Phoenix replica battery carrier.
The backfire always raises a smile!

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