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Friday, 22 January 2010

Proper Gander

Last summer at the Old Indians Never Die rally in Scotland this little 101 Bobber blew me away. It rightfully picked up the title of Best Bobber at the show, a new category.
The 101 Scout was an evolution of the Standard Scout that had been introduced in 1920 and enlarged to forty-five cubic inches in 1927. The main differences other than the engine size to the earlier Scout, and had more fork rake, a longer wheelbase, sloping footboards, and a lower seat height. It was the first Scout model with a front brake. It is always said that this was the chosen bike for Wall Of Death but in the Allan Ford book this seems not to be the case. The sloping boards were undesirable for obvious reasons and so was the frame length. In fact if the 101 was used it was modified and shortened.
This little bobber shows off the 101 features perfectly and it's handling and low centre of gravity made it a must for racers and hillclimbers of the day.
Have a proper gander!

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  1. OOOH!! that yeller n black 101 was my favouritist at Traquair, just stunning!