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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Proper Gander

Ave a proper gander at this!
It was roped off in a car museum with little info and the geezer asks if it was for sale and the owner said yes!! Wasn't til he took it apart that he knew he a something. Drilled, lightened and polished rods (KR Harley rods), engine cases were modified to run ball bearings on the pinion and drive sides, the Schunk cams were square, the carburetor was a Linkert M3 ‘Bomb Sight’ model used on Harley racers, the pistons had all the meat hogged out of the insides and the intake ports were larger than on a 74-inch Chief. After investigation it was found to have been raced by Ed Kretz.
Not to be confused with the 1948 Big Base Scouts, the 1939 engines are the only ones that were sand cast and these five 1939 Big Base engines were sent to various handpicked riders to compete in Class C racing (sort of cheating).
Here's the even cooler bit...the bike, after changing hands a few times and still raced it was eventually sold to the racer Pate Killian who knew Von Dutch and had him paint the tanks three different times — the last Von Dutch paint job is still on it!!

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