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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Lyric for the day

Well I'm a crazy mixed up kid,
and I love to dance like this
Well I love to rock 'n' roll,
because it satisfy my soul
Well I love to jump and shout,
hey it really knock me out
You give me music with a beat,
it'll knock me off my feet

I don't care what you heard,
this is a crazy mixed up world
Crazy mixed up world
Crazy mixed up world
Crazy mixed up world
I'm in a crazy mixed up world

written by Willie Dixon for Little Walter

I wanted 'Juke' by Marion 'Little Walter' Jacobs which, released in 52 was the very first take on the very first song attempted on the very first session Little Walter did as a bandleader for the Chess Brothers. What I love about him is he always had something to prove! Angry and unreasonable. Read the book about his life called 'Blues With A Feeling - The Little Walter Story' - it's a winner.

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